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Smoochies BBQ

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Smoochie can die in many ways. Only you choose how you want the poor beast to touch it. Do not go, do not be cruel!

Wiggi World Rescue

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Save the world of Wiggi from the arsonists who inhabit it. Evil beings that enjoy causing fires so that the fauna and flora disappears.

FWG Island

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Industrialization and rapid development are causing irreversible damage to the environment. Global warming, water pollution, and soil pollution are just a few symptoms. You live on a quiet island in the middle of the ...


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On the back of a brand new Segway, rescue your girl from the rest of the pilots of this infernal artifact. They are all crazy and dangerous!

Oh Deer

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You control the reindeer Rudolph, the favorite of Santa Claus, your mission is to catch all the gifts that are out there lost. Remember that without your help, Santa Claus can not do his job!

Rescue Mission

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Rescue Mission is a fabulous online action game where you have to perform a rescue mission. Your girlfriend, Darling, has been kidnapped on suspicion of being a government spy. Release it!

Ninja Ninja

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Killing ninjas has never been so much fun. The problem is that you are also one of them, which will give you more cane than normal and know your weapons and abilities. Give them strong!

Super Monkey Poop Fight

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You are the Monkey Poop and your mission is very varied: collect all the bananas you can, strike with coconuts to the rest of apes, and mainly, not let the white man catch you. Surely he will want to take you to the zoo!

Spider man

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Balancéate of liana in liana, pardon, that you are Spiderman, use your aracnored to reach to the poor one of Batman, that as it does not have powers, it has to use its batgancho.

Kill Kenny

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Children of ... have killed Kenny! It is the best known phrase of the series of television South Park. Try not to kill him, for once.

Agent Footy I

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You're a crazy tycoon for finance, Uncle Gilito of the 21st century. Do not let your money go flying, for him !. Feel like a real Rockefeller and earn all the money you can.

Quick Quests

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Quick Quests

Town of Fears

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Town of Fears

The Everloom

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The Everloom

Raider: Episode

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Raider: Episode


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